CNG Injectors



Compressed natural gas (CNG) is increasingly being considered as a vehicle fuel due to its low CO2 impact and its growing global availability at an attractive price.

The high performance solenoid driven DI-CNG injector can reduce CO2 by up to 25% compared to gasoline while remaining compatible to standard gasoline packaging and current engine controllers.


Features / Benefits

  • Improved low-rpm torque through in-cylinder gas injection with turbocharging compared to port fuel injection (PFI)
  • Outwardly opening valve with increased cross section for gaseous fuel delivery
  • Low particulate emissions
  • Runs off of same pressurized fuel tank as today’s PFI CNG without need for boost pump

LNG Injectors



Our LNG injector range has been co-developed with Westport Fuel Systems as part of their HPDI 2.0 fuel system.

HPDI 2.0 is a unique dual fuel LNG injector with pilot diesel injection. This allows use in typical Heavy duty compression ignition engines to maintain performance with ~20% reduction in CO2 compared to conventional diesel combustion.


Features / Benefits

  • Dual Fuel High Pressure Direct Injection
  • 1.15 million km lifetime
  • Injector envelope matches OEM injector pocket
  • 290 bar gas pressure / 300 bar diesel pressure
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