Fuel Injectors



Our fuel injectors deliver precise and consistent fuel quantity, multiple times per firing cycle at up to 3,000 bar pressure. The F3 injectors can be specified with our unique close loop header technology which provides feedback to the ECU on injector activity for enhanced on board diagnostics without the need for additional wiring. The closed loop header also contains trim code data which it can send to the ECU, avoiding manual input operations on installation and reducing the risk of tampering.

Features / Benefits

  • Beyond 1.6 million km lifetime
  • High efficiency Ø1mm valve technology
  • Up to 9 injection events per cycle
  • Less than 0.2ms injection separation
  • Available with closed loop header technology

Fuel Rails



Our common rail systems deliver high pressure solutions to meet the demands of light, medium or heavy-duty applications.

These include both fabricated and forged rails, with options for a range of high pressure sensors and relief valves.

Features / Benefits

  • Flexible design suitable for complex engine configurations
  • Optimized for lowest weight and maximum volume
  • Multiple options for rail pressure sensors and PV

Fuel Pumps



Our advanced commercial vehicle fuel pump technologies provide a flexible, robust high pressure pumping solution for on- and off- highway commercial vehicles applications.

The modular single, double or triple plunger architecture allows for a common high pressure pump technology to be applied to high performance medium and heavy duty applications.

We also have a range of pumping solutions for Light and Medium Duty common rail applications.

Features / Benefits

  • High efficiency plunger technology
  • High Durability - Up to 1.6 million km lifetime
  • Integrated transfer pump options
  • Oil and Fuel lubricated options

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