Starter Motors for Light Vehicle Applications

  • The optimized clutch design and drive materials provide for a robust drive system resulting in premium durability.
  • High/low temperature ratings for grease and bearings deliver the ability to operate in extreme hot or cold environments.
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Starter Motors for Commercial Vehicle, Off-Highway Vehicle, and Industrial Applications

  • Integrated Overcrank Protection (IOCP) protects the starter from thermal damage, automatically resetting at a safe operating temperature while eliminating the need for a wiring harness.
  • Nose and noseless housings options allow application flexibility while providing strength and protection from the environment.

Alternators for Light Vehicle Applications

  • The remote sense voltage and temperature sensors provide improved efficiency, longer battery life, and help balance the electrical load.
  • A six-phase stator winding contributes to reduced noise resulting in improved driver comfort.



Alternators for Commercial Vehicle, Off-Highway Vehicle, and Industrial Applications

  • The brushless design has fewer moving parts. Fewer moving parts means less wear and overall longer life.
  • The unique stator design provides high efficiency and performance. This translates to less engine horsepower requirements, resulting in substantial fuel savings.
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