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Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors brings extensive experience and expertise across multiple disciplines, including experience from BorgWarner. Each member of the Board has been chosen for industry experience and excellence across building culture, business acumen, execution of restructuring programs, adapting to changing market conditions and demonstrated success in acquisitions and integrations across global commercial vehicle, industrial and aftermarket industries. 

Rohan S. Weerasinghe  Non-Executive Chair of the Board - Director since 2023
Committees: Corporate Governance (Chair)



Professional Experience 

  • Of Counsel, Shearman & Sterling LLP (2023 – Present) 
  • General Counsel, Citigroup, Inc. (2012 – 2021) 
  • Senior Partner, Shearman & Sterling LLP (2005 – 2012) 
  • Partner, Shearman & Sterling LLP (1985 – 2005) 
  • Various positions at Shearman & Sterling LLP (1977 – 1985) 

Key Skills & Qualifications 

  • Senior Leadership Experience: Mr. Weerasinghe served as the General Counsel of Citigroup, Inc., one of the world’s largest financial institutions, for over nine years, and prior to that, as the Senior Partner at one of the world’s pre-eminent international law firms. Mr. Weerasinghe brings valuable senior leadership experience to the Board and assists the Board in overseeing the development of our strategy. 

  • Public Company Board, and Legal Experience: Mr. Weerasinghe has extensive experience advising public companies, boards, chief executive officers, and other senior management, as well as sovereigns worldwide and global financial institutions and corporates, on matters, including significant legal, governance, and business matters and other crisis situations.  

  • Financial and Risk Management Expertise: Mr. Weerasinghe’s tenure as General Counsel of Citigroup, and his time as the Senior Partner of Shearman & Sterling, which role included managing and overseeing the firm’s chief financial officer, provided him with invaluable finance, capital markets, internal controls, and risk management experience. 

Brady D. Ericson
President & CEO, PHINIA - Director since 2023 

Committees: None

Professional Experience 

  • President & CEO, PHINIA (2023 – Present) 
  • President & General Manager (Fuel Systems and Aftermarket), BorgWarner Inc. (2022 ‌– ‌2023)
  • President & General Manager (Morse Systems), BorgWarner Inc. (2019 – 2022) 
  • Chief Strategy Officer, BorgWarner (2017 – 2019) 
  • President (Emissions Systems and BERU Systems), BorgWarner Inc. (2011 – 2016) 
  • Various managerial positions at BorgWarner Inc. (1998 – 2011) 
  • Various executive positions at Honeywell, Remy International and Ford Motor Company


Key Skills & Qualifications

  • Senior Leadership Experience: Mr. Ericson’s tenure as President and CEO of PHINIA and former roles as President and General Manager of three business units and Chief Strategy Officer of BorgWarner enable him to bring significant senior leadership, strategic planning, and business experience to the Board.

  • Transportation Industry, Manufacturing, and Operations Experience: As CEO of PHINIA and a former executive at BorgWarner, Mr. Ericson has in-depth knowledge of the Company and the global automotive industry, driving our successful development and execution of PHINIA’s strategic plan. Mr. Ericson’s conviction that internal combustion engine (ICE) technologies will be key to carbon-free and carbon neutral transportation solutions in the future is a driving force behind the establishment of PHINIA.

  • Global Business Experience and Financial Expertise: Through his leadership roles at PHINIA and BorgWarner, Mr. Ericson gained invaluable expertise in leading a global business, including overseeing key financing and capital allocation initiatives, technology and innovation initiatives, manufacturing and operations, risk management, mergers and acquisitions, integrations, and organizational and industry transformation. Mr. Ericson also acquired extensive international experience through leadership positions held while working and living in five different countries. 

Samuel R. Chapin 
Director since 2023 

Committees: Compensation, Corporate Governance

Professional Experience 

  • Senior Advisor, Rockefeller Capital Management (2019 – Present) 
  • Executive Vice Chairman (Global Corporate and Investment Banking), Bank of America Merrill Lynch (2010 – 2016) 
  • Vice Chairman, Merrill Lynch (2003 – 2009) 
  • Senior Vice President & Head of Global Investment Banking Division, Merrill Lynch (2001 – 2003) 
  • Managing Director, Merrill Lynch (1993 – 2009) 
  • Various positions at Merrill Lynch (1984 – 1993) 


Key Skills & Qualifications

  • Senior Leadership Experience and Financial Expertise: Through his role as Executive Vice Chairman, Global Corporate and Investment Banking and other senior leadership roles with Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Mr. Chapin gained significant investment banking and financial expertise and leadership experience managing a complex, global investment banking organization.  

  • Public Company Board Experience: Having served on the boards of O-I Glass, Revvity, and CIRCOR International, Mr. Chapin has extensive experience working with senior management and board members on business and corporate governance matters, including consideration of strategic alternatives, acquisitions, and sales of businesses. 

  • International Experience and Risk Management Expertise: Through his more than three decades of investment banking at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Mr. Chapin advised complex, global organizations on a wide range of transactional processes, mergers and acquisitions, deal financing, and related risk management. As Executive Vice Chairman of Global Corporate and Investment Banking, Mr. Chapin was primarily responsible for managing relationships with many of the bank’s largest and most complex clients. 

Robin Kendrick
Director since 2023 

Committees: Audit, Corporate Governance

Professional Experience 

  • President & CEO, Accuride Corporation (2019 – Present) 
  • President & General Manager (Turbo Systems), BorgWarner Inc. (2018 – 2019) 
  • President & General Manager (Transmission Systems), BorgWarner Inc.  (2011 – 2018) 
  • President & CEO, RGF AG (2011) 
  • President, Europe, Acument Global Technologies (2008 ‌– ‌2010) 
  • Various executive positions at American Axle & Manufacturing (1999 – 2008) 


Key Skills & Qualifications 

  • Senior Leadership and International Experience: Through his experience as CEO of Accuride Corporation, a diversified manufacturer and supplier of commercial vehicle components, Mr. Kendrick brings to the Board significant insight into the complexities of managing a global Tier-1 automotive and mobility supplier, as well as extensive senior leadership and strategic planning experience. Mr. Kendrick also has robust engineering, sales, operations, and manufacturing experience acquired through leadership roles at BorgWarner, RGF, Acument, and American Axle that enable him to provide the Board with valuable operations and product development expertise that inform PHINIA’s business strategy, operations, and innovation and technology initiatives. 

  • Transportation Industry, Manufacturing, and Operations Experience: As CEO of Accuride, Mr. Kendrick provides the Board with unique insights into the Company’s business, operations, and strategic opportunities, as well as a deep understanding of the transportation industry and its key participants. 

  • Financial Expertise and Risk Management Expertise: Mr. Kendrick’s experience working with private equity firms on the restructuring and sale of Acument Europe, and his work as CEO of Accuride, contributes to our Board’s understanding of investor expectations surrounding capital allocation, leverage, and financial discipline, as well as managing risks applicable to complex, global organizations

Latondra Newton
Director since 2023 

Committees: Compensation

Latondra Newton

Professional Experience

    • Senior Vice President & Chief Diversity Officer, The Walt Disney Company  (2017 – 2023) 
    • Group Vice President (Social Innovation) & Chief Diversity Officer, Toyota Motor North America, Inc. (2014 ‌–‌ ‌2017) 
    • Chief Program Officer, Toyota Mobility Foundation (2013 – 2014) 
    • Vice President (Strategic Planning), Toyota Motor North America, Inc. (2009 – 2013) 
    • Various executive positions at Toyota Motor Corporation (1991 – 2009) 


    Key Skills & Qualifications 

    • Senior Leadership and Global Human Capital Experience: Ms. Newton’s experience serving in Chief Diversity Officer roles at The Walt Disney Company and Toyota has enabled her to bring valuable senior leadership experience and human capital expertise to the Board that assists the Board in overseeing the Company’s human capital management strategies, including relating to talent development, equity, diversity and inclusion, and corporate marketing initiatives. 

    • Transportation Industry, Manufacturing, and Operations Experience: Ms. Newton brings extensive experience in the transportation industry and manufacturing and operations to the Board through her various leadership positions over more than 25 years with Toyota, including Vice President, Strategic Planning and Group Vice President, Social Innovation. While with Toyota, Ms. Newton managed the facilities and transportation purchasing department and directed the procurement of capital equipment, building construction, and logistics services for North America. She also served as general manager of the Team Member Development Center, which managed all engineering and manufacturing staff training and development initiatives in North America. 

    • Risk Management Expertise and Legal, Regulatory & Public Policy Experience: Through her tenure with Toyota, Ms. Newton held leadership roles that included overseeing corporate planning activities, economic forecasting, competitor analysis, and corporate marketing initiatives. Ms. Newton also gained significant experience managing corporate affairs and related risks, including overseeing state and federal legislative and regulatory activity and engagement, in addition to media and community relations. Her experiences provide the Board with a meaningful perspective on PHINIA’s business strategy and regulatory risk management.

    D’aun Norman
    Director since 2023 

    Committees: Audit (Chair)

    Professional Experience 

    •  Audit Partner, Ernst & Young LLP (1988 – 2019) 


    Key Skills & Qualifications 

    • Public Company Board Experience: As a current director of Garrett Motion, Ms. Norman brings to the Board experience working with senior management and board members on business and corporate governance matters at an automotive aftermarket company.  

    • Transportation Industry Experience: Ms. Norman specialized in advising publicly traded, global transportation suppliers and other industrials companies for over 16 years during her career at Ernst & Young. This extensive experience and deep industry knowledge has enabled her to provide the Board with a unique understanding of PHINIA’s business and managing the risks and complexities applicable to its global operations. 

    • Financial and Risk Management Expertise; Legal, Regulatory and Public Policy Experience: For over three decades, Ms. Norman provided assurance and advisory services to large multinational transportation and industrial companies as a senior audit partner at Ernst & Young. She brings significant financial reporting, accounting and controls, business analysis, risk management, and regulatory expertise to the Board.

    Meggan M. Walsh
    Director since 2024
    Committees: To be determined


    Professional Experience 

    • Senior Portfolio Manager and Head, Dividend Value, Invesco Ltd. (2000 – 2021)
    • Portfolio Manager, Equities, Invesco Ltd. (1998 – 2000)
    • Vice President and Portfolio Manager, Long-Term Fixed Income, Invesco Ltd. (1992 -1998)
    • Trader, Short-Term Taxable Fixed Income Securities, Invesco Ltd. (1991 – 1992)
    • Financial Analyst, Nationale Nederlanden, N.A. (1987 – 1991)


    Key Skills & Qualifications 

    • Financial Expertise: Through her role as a Senior Portfolio Manager and Head, Dividend Value with Invesco Ltd., a global independent investment management firm, Ms. Walsh gained significant experience directing large investments and assessing companies’ strategic positioning, capital allocation policies, industry fundamentals, regulatory requirements, and total return potential through extensive financial modeling. Ms. Walsh’s skillset also includes mergers and acquisitions analysis and assessing the effectiveness of corporate actions, including restructurings, recapitalizations, and spin-offs.

    • Investment Management Experience: Ms. Walsh brings 35 years of investor leadership experience in both fixed income and equity portfolio management to the Board. At Invesco, Ms. Walsh led responsibility for investments and capital allocation across sectors in the Dividend Value team portfolios. Team assets she was directly responsible for grew significantly during her tenure, driving higher revenue growth.   

    • Investor Perspective: Ms. Walsh brings an investor perspective to the Board, including a deep understanding of proxy voting standards, benchmarks, and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations in the investor community. This perspective, combined with her extensive financial and investment expertise, will enable Ms. Walsh to contribute to the Board’s understanding of investor expectations surrounding capital allocation, leverage, financial discipline, and ESG, among other matters.

    Roger J. Wood 
    Director since 2023 

    Committees: Audit, Compensation (Chair)

    Professional Experience 

    • Co-CEO, Tenneco Inc. (2018 – 2020) 
    • Chairman & CEO, Fallbrook Technologies Inc. (2018) 
    • President & CEO, Dana Incorporated (2011 – 2015) 
    • Executive Vice President & Group President (Engine Group), BorgWarner Inc. (2009 – 2011) 
    • President (BorgWarner Turbo Systems & BorgWarner Emissions Systems), BorgWarner Inc. (2005 ‌– ‌2009) 
    • Various positions at BorgWarner Inc. (1985 – 2005) 


    Key Skills & Qualifications 

    • Senior Leadership and Public Company Board Experience: Mr. Wood’s experience as a CEO of multiple public manufacturing companies provides the Board with significant leadership experience and knowledge of global manufacturing, operations, customer solutions, and strategic planning. His current and prior service on the boards of Goodyear Tire, Brunswick, Tenneco, and Dana Holding, also enable him to bring to the Board significant experience working with senior management and board members on business and corporate governance matters at global automotive companies. 

    • Transportation Industry, Manufacturing, and Operations Experience: Through his senior executive positions at Tenneco Fallbrook Technologies, and Dana Incorporated, Mr. Wood brings extensive knowledge of the transportation industry, providing the Board with unique insight into the Company’s operations, technology and innovation initiatives, and strategic opportunities.   

    • Financial Expertise and Risk Management Expertise: Through his various roles as CEO and in other senior leadership positions, Mr. Wood has gained substantial experience overseeing corporate finance, investment, capital allocation, and risk management matters, as well as mergers and acquisitions experience, including most notably Tenneco’s $5.4 billion acquisition of Federal-Mogul LLC (leading global supplier to original equipment manufacturers and the aftermarket), subsequent integration, and ultimate spin-off of Tenneco's $12 billion automotive business. 

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