GDi Injectors



Our range of high pressure fuel injectors provide best in class performance at 500+ bar pressure.

Continuity in design across our range allows a direct drop in replacement for customers looking to upgrade their operations from lower pressures.

Features / Benefits

  • Inwardly-opening injector with multiple laser drilled flow holes for flexible spray pattern and penetration control
  • 500+ bar system operating pressure for improved spray and faster injection time
  • Benchmark level low noise performance
  • 6 mm and 7.5 mm tip sizes

GDi Injector_Delphi


GDi Rails



Our GDi rails utilize the best design and manufacturing practices to store fuel at high pressure ready for injection. Our experienced engineering team is highly skilled in optimizing the design of the rail to ensure minimal fluctuations in pressure between individual injections, which is crucial in optimizing engine performance.

Features / Benefits

  • One piece forged stainless steel fuel rail
  • High crashworthiness due to single piece construction
  • Capable of infinite life fatigue resistance at 600 bar operating pressure
  • Design optimization for low noise, low stress and low cost
  • Available as a separate component or as an assembly with injectors pre-installed

GDi Pumps

GDI pump Delphi


Our range of high pressure fuel pumps provide best in class performance at pressures over 500 bar. Our unique plunger ring seal technology significantly improves pump efficiency, allowing our customers to upgrade their engines to 500+ bar pressure without increasing the load on the valvetrain. This helps avoid costly engine redesigns whilst continuity in design across the range allows them to be a direct drop in replacement for customers looking to upgrade their engines.

Features / Benefits

  • Up to 600 bar pressure continuous operation
  • Includes unique Plunger Ring Seal feature to improve efficiency and reduce stress on the valvetrain
  • Direct drop in replacement for existing GFP2 pump
  • Variable plunger diameters available to optimize performance and minimize cam loads; 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm

GDi Fuel Pump_Delphi

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