Fuel Delivery Module



In-tank Fuel Delivery Module (FDMs) employ a modular design to accommodate a wide range of global applications. The Fuel Pump is the primary FDM component and our pumps are tuned to provide high performance at the different engine power levels for automotive and non-automotive applications, gasoline, flex fuel, diesel fuels for PFi, GDi or DDi systems.

FDMs also include sensors, valves and pump controllers for safety, emissions and maximum fuel system efficiency.

Features / Benefits

  • Accommodates Fuel Pumps to fit full range of vehicle applications: gasoline, E85, E100, diesel with ultra-low to high output power requirements
  • Serviceable fuel level sender with noble or non-noble metal option
  • High pressure jet pump
  • Modular design to be customized to vehicle requirements

Brushless Fuel Pumps



System power is reduced by driving our pumping sections with high hydraulic and mechanical efficiency using three phase brushless fuel pumps that use electronic commutation to eliminate brush losses. The brushless motor can give up to a 3 Amp reduction and lower power consumption can contribute to CO2/km emission reductions.

Available for a range of fuel types - gasoline, flex and fuel and diesel versions - our pumps deliver improved reliability due to eliminating brushes.

Features / Benefits

  • High efficiency: 40% diesel pump efficiency with premium motor materials
  • Excellent gasoline pump particulate contamination resistance with patented design
  • High reliability through unique fused joints
  • Fuel compatibility: gasoline, E85, diesel biofuel
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