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PHINIA is leading the market through world-leading systems, products and solutions for a world of applications.

Developing fuel systems and aftermarket solutions to advance sustainability today, to power a carbon-free tomorrow.



At PHINIA, we are constantly moving towards greater sustainability, and we use the most advanced technologies to explore new possibilities. We’re focused on developing systems, products, and solutions towards a carbon-free tomorrow.

We are creating fuel systems and aftermarket solutions to enable combustion engines to run at peak performance and efficiency; keeping vehicles and industrial applications running for longer to reduce replacement. This approach is combined with our remanufacturing programs to build a circular model of sustainable mobility.

For a carbon-free tomorrow, PHINIA is exploring a wide range of alternative fuels that offer the potential for increased sustainability. Fuels like hydrogen, ethanol, and methanol have the power to dramatically reduce carbon emissions.

PHINIA: Sustainable today, Carbon-free tomorrow.


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