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As a current supplier* to PHINIA, login to the GSM Supplier Site and click on Supplier Scorecard under the Collaboration section.

* Register to PHINIA GSM Supplier Site ( only for existing suppliers )


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Contact your Commodity Manager to learn more about your Company's 3P level. Use the enquiry form if you need to establish contact.



We look forward to 3P providing the pathway to support building our relationship with mutual understanding, transparency, and countinuous improvement.

3P Program Details

3P Program Presentation

3P Phinia Partnership Program


Where can I learn more about the program?
For more information beyond the video and presentation included here, please contact your PHINIA Commodity Manager.  New suppliers are not eligible until you have an active Supplier Balanced Scorecard with business for at least one year.

3P Enquiry Form

How can my company engage in 3P initiatives?
Contact your PHINIA Commodity Manager or use the below link to inquire about the PHINIA Partnership Program.

3P Enquiry Form

Where can I find my 3P level?
PHINIA Suppliers with current business will find their Corporate 3P Level on their Supplier Balanced Scorecard. A link to your Supplier Scorecard is found under 'Collaboration' on the Global Supply Management Supplier Homepage (select “Click Here” within the Log in feature below .  If you or another representative of your company does not have access to the Global Supply Management homepage, select “Click here” in the Register feature below.

PHINIA Supplier Global Supply Management Homepage

How can I improve my 3P level?
The 3P level is based on tangible criteria from the Supplier Balanced Scorecard as was as many strategic and relationship factors.  By improving your Balanced Scorecard rating and ensuring alignment with PHINIA supplier expectations, you have the ability to improve your level.  For additional information, please contact your PHINIA Commodity Manager.

What would be the role of the PHINIA Sponsor?
Suppliers who achieve a Stainless Steel or Gold 3P level are assigned an internal PHINIA sponsor, which allows for increased collaboration and strategic business discussions via Partnership meetings which will take place twice per year.  One meeting at the supplier location and one meeting at a PHINIA location.

Where can I provide feedback on the 3P program?
We highly value your feedback on our PHINIA Partnership Program that provides benefits between our companies. Please use the below link to provide anonymous feedback on 3P.

3P Anonymous Survey

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Register to PHINIA GSM Supplier Site ( only for existing suppliers )
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