A winding road with red lights driving toward the future

Advancing sustainability today, powering a carbon-free tomorrow

We know that the steps we take today impact the world we have tomorrow. That’s why we’re partnering with you to power a carbon-free future. We’re advancing sustainability today by creating a fuel-efficient, premium quality portfolio to constantly move towards greater sustainability, improving resources, and exploring alternative fuels for a carbon-free tomorrow. 

What we believe in

Product leaders with premium solutions

With a well-rounded and versatile portfolio, we offer you a full range of products featuring quality and performance throughout. As product leaders we’re committed to offering you the best solutions that meet your needs for internal combustion engine vehicles as we transition to carbon-free mobility.

Technological innovation

We have a trusted history of more than 100 years of continuous evolution to meet changing vehicle needs. Today, our experienced engineers are investing in advanced technologies and the latest innovations to deliver what you need: a partner who is a technological leader. We’re at the forefront of creating the best for vehicles today and preparing for the mobility of tomorrow.

Putting customers first

Putting customers first is paramount in everything we do. We create value for our customers throughout our supply chain, from manufacturing and financial discipline in our operations, to customer services and fresh digitalisation. Together we will pave the way to industry excellence.

A couple sitting on a parked vehicle looking toward a bright future

Powering a carbon-free future

A carbon-free future starts here and now. For today’s vehicles we’re designing ever more fuel-efficient internal combustion products and minimizing potential waste, and we’re actively investing in various alternative fuels to identify the right applications for a carbon-free tomorrow. 

Our way to sustainability